Theater in Educational and Social Contexts

I offer academic seminars and practical workshops on theater in educational and social contexts for community groups, students and/or practitioners in the fields of performance, education, social work, and related areas. Whether training future facilitators or engaging first-time participants, in one-off or ongoing sessions, I tailor creative activities to the given social context.

This seminar/workshop presents the praxis of socially-engaged performance, looking at contemporary models and methodologies for facilitating community engagement, and specifically examining potential ways for theater artists to generate social and educational dialogues, with a global perspective on their local terrain.

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Above: Solstice Workshop for the Latin American School of Popular Theatre of Entepola Foundation, Santiago, Chile, 2015


Above: interactive seminar for community theater practitioners with Entepola Foundation, Santiago, Chile 2013


Above: seminar on social engagement for theatre students at Universidad Mayor, Santiago, Chile 2012


Above: educational theater course for teaching students at Universidad Central, Santiago, Chile 2012

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