Learning English Through Theater

I offer practical workshops on learning English through theater for students as well as teachers of English as a second Language. Whether training future facilitators or engaging first-time participants, in one-off or ongoing sessions, I tailor creative activities to the given social context.

Participatory theater techniques, applied as an educational tool for teaching English, provide an effective, fun means of encouraging creative expression, enhancing communication skills and building self-confidence among English language learners at any level.

For booking information, please email me: sarahashfordhart@gmail.com


 Above: Talca Players Multilingual Theater Workshop final performance, University of Talca, Chile 2014


Above: Workshop on Learning English Through Theater for Student Teachers at UNACH in Chillán, Chile 2013


Above: Commedia dell’Arte Play by ESL Student Teachers at Universidad Autonoma in Talca, Chile 2013


Above: Theater Workshop with High School Audience following Commedia Play at UA in Talca, Chile 2013


Above: Theater Showing with ESL Student Teachers at Universidad Santo Tomás in Talca, Chile 2013

Above: TIE Workshop for ESL teachers at IATEFL in Valdivia, Chile 2013

Above: TIE workshops for ESL teachers at CVA in Caracas, Venezuela 2011

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