Devised Theater

I offer practical workshops on Devised Theater for students and/or practitioners in the fields of performance, education, community work, and related areas. Whether training future facilitators or engaging first-time participants, in one-off or ongoing sessions, I tailor creative activities to the given social context.

‘Devising’ is a contemporary performance practice, based in the process of creating original material from participants’ own skills, interests and experiences, through the collaborative exploration of theatrical techniques that play with boundaries between performer and audience, art and reality.

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Above: thesis project, Master of Arts in Devised Theater, Dartington College of Arts, Devon, England 2010


Above: Devised Theater workshop at El Gimnasio de Actores, Caracas, Venezuela 2011

Imagen 391_v1

Above: Devised Theater workshop at La Maquina del Arte, Santiago, Chile 2012


Above: Devised Theater workshop at ELATEP, Santiago, Chile, 2015

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