Puppets and Masks

I offer practical workshops on puppets and masks for students and practitioners of diverse ages and backgrounds. Whether training future facilitators or engaging first-time participants, in one-off or ongoing sessions, I tailor creative activities to the given social context.

The imagination is unleashed through scenographic techniques, such as papier-mache mask-work, shadow puppetry, and stop-motion animation, propelling participants to make their own worlds of poetic imagery, where the objects take on an enchanting life of their own.

For booking information, please email me: sarahashfordhart@gmail.com

DSC_9255    DSC_9258DSC_9261    DSC_9284

 Above: final showing of Mask Theater workshop with Municipal Cultural Center of Talca, Chile 2014

shadow      window

 Above: Shadow puppet workshop in the window of Espacio a Escala arts collective, Talca, Chile 2014

masks3puppets4 copy

Above: papier-mache masks and puppets for Art House Productions’ Camino Real, Jersey City, USA 2007

golden reed pipe 3puppets

Above: shadow puppetry of The Golden Reed Pipe at Stoke Fleming Primary School, Devon, England 2009


Above: stop-motion animation demo to the song ‘La Glondrina’ 2008

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