Below is a selection of texts I have written on socially-engaged performance practice as research, including topics such as: contact improvisation as an approach to actively witnessing narratives of deportation, contemporary performance in Latin America, devised theatre methodology, the importance of affect when facilitating applied theatre in contexts of incarceration, and how dialogical performance in schools can challenge racism and xenophobia.  

Hart, S. (forthcoming) “Affecting Humanity, Challenging Exclusion, Moving-with Esther’s Story of Deportation” in McKee Irwin, R. & Alonso Meneses, G. coords. Humanizando la Deportación: informes desde las calles de Tijuana.  Colegio de la Frontera Norte.

Hart, S. (2019) “South-South Mobility and Enclosure: reflections on participatory performance practice as research in a female penitentiary in Santiago, Chile” in Hernandez, A., Hunter, L., & Cajigas, J. eds., Revista Corpo-grafías: Estudios críticos de y desde los cuerpos, Vol. 6(6) Ecologías Afectivas: Performatividad y Corporalizaciones Sociosituadas, pages 214-226.  Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas.

Hart, S. & Moore, A. (2018) “These people, this time, this place: a conversation about Dartington as methodology” in Theatre, Dance and Performance Training, Vol. 9.3 Training Places: Dartington College of Arts, pages 417-421.  Routledge. 

Hart, S. & Tello, C. (2018) “Editorial Introduction: Contemporary Performance in Latin America” in Brújula: Interdisciplinary Journal of Latin American Studies, Vol. 12 Contemporary Performance in Latin America, pages 1-12.  University of California, Davis.

Hart, S. (2010)Voices for (ex)Change: performing dialogues of belonging to decanter racist narratives“. Dissertation for Master of Arts in Devised Theatre, Dartington College of Arts. 


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